2016 so far for me has been super busy and very productive. I have really given myself time to reflect on 2015 and how I want to do things slightly differently this year. 

So you may have noticed that on the right hand side somewhere I have an etsy badge, click the link and you’ll see what I have been busy getting up to so far this year….Yes that’s right, I am now the proud owner of my very own etsy store. All of the things you see have been designed by me… I am in love with the gift cards, super cute. So please head over there.

I have also been debating taking up vlogging, this is something for me that seems so much more personal and nerve racking… I don’t know why even. So in the next week or so that is what I am going to start getting up to! I will of course upload my vlog here…. I feel nervous even committing to you all I am going to make one!
So how’s your 2016 going? Have you got things you’re trying to do differently? I’d love to know!
See y’all soon 


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