My kind of town Chicago is…

So recently I’ve been super lucky enough to visit the Windy City across the pond (Chicago).

Wow what a trip, being my first time in America and getting to visit such a friendly American city! I literally felt like I was on an American movie. So I am going to list my top 5 things to do in Chicago;

1. Anish Kapoor Cloud gate –  in millennium park.

this is/must be one of the most famous reasons to visit Chicago, this amazing sculpture of the Bean is incredible (and great for a cheeky selfie) you’re able to see the city’s skyline in its reflection. The sculpture is huge and very impressive

2. Architecture boat tour – sunny days are best for this.

Hop on a bus to find out all the information about the history and architecture of the city! It’s super fascinating and gives you a great angle to look at all the buildings and find out how and when they were built!

3. Navy pier – this was a beautiful pier and is home to the worlds first (at the time) Big Wheel, unfortunately it has been replaced by a shiny new one (pictured below). Keep an eye out as there are fireworks throughout the summer and the Pier is a great place to view them from.

4. Baseball – Chicago is home to 2 Major league baseball teams, the Cubs and the White Sox. We were lucky enough to get to watch the Sox in a Match against Washington Nationals. This was a brilliant American experience, I also learnt a thing or two about Baseball which was great fun!

5. Sky deck – A room with an amazing view! This took our trip to the City to a new level. It was a great experience being able to view the whole city from such a height. If like me you feel a bit daring you can take a step out onto the 360 glass rooms and get the complete Sky Deck experience! (see below image)


I hope you get to check some of these fun (touristy yes I know) things out and enjoy Chicago as much as I did!

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