Evening superfood treat

I am in the process of leaving behind all refined sugars, and this has meant beating that chocolate craving. Which for me is near on impossible, however I have now found myself loving raw cacao in powder format! 

Raw Cacoa is a great antioxidant (called flavonoids which can help lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. They also help protect the body from free radicals that damage our cells) , vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B9 and E, a source of fibre (can help improve digestion) and protein, as well as all of this it is also packed with magnesium, and other minerals.

This great healthy chocolate alternative really is amazing and so easy to use add to your porridge in the mornings instead of any other form of sugar, or beat that evening chocolate craving using the powder as a substitute for hot chocolate! It’s easy to get hold of online and simply Delicious..

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