Fashion Friday

A few weekends ago, a friend recommended a fashion challenge. Most of you knowing me would know I am not the most fashionable out there and I’m not a big shopper either but I actually really enjoyed this shopping trip and found it very stress free!

BLOG FASHIONSo the challenge was to see if it was still possible to buy an outfit (clothes, shoes and accessories) for under £40. Having to do lots of shopping around I managed it. I found a great black staple dress from Forever 21 (£8)you can buy here, heals from Primark (£15) and necklace from Primark similar to this (£3) *see the image of me in the outfit below*. All in all I smashed this target only spending a grand total of £26 So it proves even if you are on a budget you can actually buy a new outfit for under £30. All I can say is go out there girls and get shopping, and challenge yourself!

budget outfit

outfit for under £40

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