Busy bee…

The week before last was such a busy week with so many blogging events. Starting on the Saturday at #bloggersfestival. It was a great opportunity to meet some amazing brands and get to understand and discuss their products in more detail. I went along with Khrissie Loves to find out all about the different brands. Here are a few brands I got to spend time with and found really interesting:

myself and khrissie loves waiting to go into the bloggers event


The first stall we visited was browhaus. A London based agency focusing on eyebrows and eye lashes. At this stall we were able to have a brow make over which really was a brilliant make over (see my before and aftershocks below). The technique used was threading, this was the first time I had ever had threading done and it was great, for me it was less painful and was very accurate. Browhaus really are the experts in their field and even though we weren’t in one of their salons gave me a great experience. ( I also won their competition so watch out for a post on this). 

before during and after


Our second stop off was jewellery box a really cute online shop, with some of the most adorable jewellery. If you’re local to London they currently have a pop up shop open at Brixton Pop (which I have been to and it’s amazing, I wanted to buy everything) here is a few things that’ve created by them. The jewellery comes in this really cute box, I just can’t. Get enough of how lovely all their items are, perfect for presents of all occasions.  

Another great brand I got to meet was cloud nine hair straighteners and curlers made by the founders of GHD I was really interested in the products they had available in particular a set of hair curlers that you heat individually and they literally take seconds to heat. They are also not hot to touch, they release their heat once in the hair. They also used one of their products the ‘magic potion‘ which left my hair feeling so lovely and soft.  

getting my hair styled


After Saturday I was pooped and had so many bags and so much information to get through. It was thoroughly a brilliant day out and so much fun! The following Monday after work I was off out again with my partner in crime Khrissie! This time to #BLFW, Bloggers Love Fashion Week. This another brilliant event organised for a load of us bloggers to meet some completely different brands and learn all about their products, and be able to give them all a try. 

I got talking to a company called magitone where we got to see their facial cleansing brush in action. I was initially apprehensive as the brush bristles look really stiff but to touch they are silky soft. This is now on my list to buys, it’s something I really want to try to be able to get that deeper cleanse. Once I get one I’ll let you know what it’s like!

Another gorgeous brand we were lucky enough to speak to was Miglio, a South African jewellery company, with a great concept. They sell the chains separately to the pendants, that can be then changed. The chain we were showed could also be worn at 2 different lengths which is great when you wear different necklines. All the jewellery they had on show was high quality and there was something that would suit everyone! Here’s some of the collections, they’d make a great Christmas gift!


There are so many more and as I the products I will get some reviews up! I love these blogging events and meeting such amazing people and brands. Here’s to next time!

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