Vegan Cashew Chow Mein

This simple and quick recipe is perfect for a midweek dinner.

What You Need:

2 Handfuls Cashews
1 pinch of Golden Caster Sugar
2 Teaspoons of Chinese 5 Spice
4 Tablespoons of Vegan Soy Sauce (I use This )
600g Thin Soba Noodles (Get there here )
5 Cloves of Garlic
Medium knob of Ginger
2 Tablespoons Coconut oil (or sesame)
5 Spring Onions
2 Handfuls of Edame Beans Frozen
2 Radishes
2 Tablespoons of Sesame Seeds
Handful Fresh Corriander


How To Make:

Simply start by prepping all the ingredients, crush the Garlic Cloves right down, peel and finely grate the ginger and thinly slice the spring onions.

Bring a large Saucepan to the heat add in 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and wait until melted. Once hot add in the spring onion, Ginger and Garlic. Cook for 2 Minutes.

Meanwhile, bring a separate pan of water to the boil and follow the noddle cooking instructions.

Next, Add the Cashews and Edame Beans, allowing to cook for a further 2 minutes.

Mix in the 5 spice, Soy Sauce and sugar along with the remainder of the oil, stirring continuously.

Once the noodles are cooked add these as well as half of the coriander and sesame seeds and mix together for around 5 minutes.

Remove from the heat and serve in bowls with sliced radish, sesame seeds, coriander and an extra slug of Soy on top.




No plans this weekend…

Get the girls/guys together and head over to Ginjams!

Now we’re back in Bournemouth. A week and a half ago I ventured out with the Bournemouth Bloggers to Ginjams for nations Gin day! A great first bloggers event to get to meet and socialise with bloggers down in Bournemouth.

As it was national Gin day we were taking part in a gin tasting. Walking into a room with 3 tables filled with gin and a number of accompaniments instantly opened my eye “wowza”.

We were handed a gin passport so we could tick off and comment on all the Gins we tried.

My favourite was the pink peppercorn gin with distinct flavours it was paired with a fever tree Indian tonic!

Next up to wonder round and explore. Ginjams is set out beautifully. Everywhere you go, and look has been thought about. Mini pallet flower holders, snug seating and palm walls.

For me Ginjams is the perfect place for date nights or get togethers with the girls! I’m dying to get back a check out more Gins with the girls! – if you’re looking to check Ginjams out, be sure to book for Fridays and Saturdays they get super busy!

Ohh and they hold gin tastings every Tuesday!

Royal wedding Wednesday

So after that beautiful Saturday morning spent watching such an amazing multicultural royal wedding I could help but get back into our wedding planning thinking about our special day! What did you think of Meghan’s dress? I’ve seen so many votes on instagram. Personally I think it really suited her and fitted so elegantly with the crown and veil! I absolutely loved the wedding on Saturday the subtle hints to Dianna were just so special and ready all about them this week had been so nice…. I don’t even know where to start with our wedding now!

So we haven’t spent a lot of time recently on the wedding due to the fact 1. We moved from London back to Bournemouth (I love being back by the sea so much) 2. We are in the process of setting up a business (yes I know crazy to do this now) check it out over at Quantum Chiropractic

One thing I will say is for anyone on a budget there are some great wedding Decorations in Aldi at the moment. Light up signs, guest books and fairy lights.

Next week I hope to have made some progress 🤞🏼🤞🏼Enjoying being by the sea

Wedding Wednesdays back!

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted, I think it’s because I’ve taken a 2week break from any of my wedding planning! Back to it now and this week I wanted to talk about the RSVP and Gift lists that you have as part of your wedding invites.


As part of our wedding RSVP we needed to know menu options, also we are going to have a dinner the night before our wedding so wanted to invite everyone to that. So we needed a way that all our guests could RSVP and give there menu options. -hoping to do it in a way that didn’t cause too much admin for me and my H2B!

After lots of research we discovered the website getting married.

It’s an absolutely brilliant platform you can use for free, to give all your wedding information and get your RSVPs in. If you like us need your guests to enter their menu options you can get your guests to do this here too, and it’s super easy to set up. Your menu options can then be downloaded in spreadsheet format!

Gift List

New Year New #WeddingWednesday


Here’s to 2018, the year I get to have my special day, and 1 year since I got engaged! WOW time really has flown by. Huge congratulations to all the Happy couples out there who got engaged over the festive period! It’s such an exciting time. – I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I am and you find these posts useful.

Today I want to talk save the dates, when should these be sent out? Who should I send them to?

We gave all our save the dates out last year, mostly (because we had time on our side) we handed them to people in person, I was so excited we started handing them out around May last year, around 18 months before the wedding. Coming from a design background myself and my MOH hand made our save the dates, I had such fun doing it! (See picture below).

Now in my excitement and naivety I thought it would help, however now with less than a year to go we both keep getting asked to remind people of the date. So I guess my top tip on your save the dates would be to send them out at 1 year to go. That way it builds excitement and it’s easier for people to remember the date a year in advance.

There is no strict rule when it comes to save the dates, who should they be sent to etc. I recently saw a great idea in a wedding feed, sending save the date and save the evening cards. The choice is however yours! – please comment and let me know your thoughts on save the dates! I’m a real bride and only go on my own experiences!

Wedding Wednesday

So after the journey of the last 2-3weeks you should now have, venue, photographer and videographer. Depending on the time you have between when you get engaged and when you get married, it’s good to take sometime enjoying being engaged. We found that the venue, photographer and videographer were the things that got booked up quickly. So for a month at least we’ve taken a side step from the wedding and enjoyed being engaged! My Facebook feed is covered in so many “last Christmas as a Miss” items, it gets me all excited so here are my top 5 last Christmas as a miss items I’ve come across!

1. Baubles- to put you straight in the festive spirit! Baubles

2. Shout it loud and proud with this beaut jumper Here

3. For those cosey nights in this is required – Onesie

4. Or send your loved one a last Christmas as a miss card Here

5. Or why not add to your charms with this cute way to remember your last Christmas as a miss Here

And this weeks top tip:

#weddingwednesday 2

So this week it’s all about choosing the photographer that’s going to capture your day, and give you those lasting memories!

For us the photographer has to be a really important part of the day, you’re spending so much money on the day itself having no decent images to document that day and remember it by is such a shame.

My first step for choosing the photographer returned me back to google sheets and looking at local photographers in the area. I then went through the list and narrowed down the portfolios to ones that sat right with us. We met with 2 photographers one in person and one over Skype. We already had in mind the style of images we wanted, natural unposed and emotive. The one we met in person had beautiful images and was very relaxed understanding it was our day etc. The second photographer is who we met with on skype Nick Rutter. This man has so much passion and so many beautiful emotive images we came away from the conversation feeling so excited! It just clicked! Check out Nicks work by clicking here get him on your list of photographers to talk to!

The take home for me when booking the photographer is to meet all the photographers that you feel that has a portfolio you like and wait until you get that feeling of ease from them that you need. 

#weddingwednesday 2

So this week is all about that dredded guest list. For us it’s been the hardest part (so far), who do we invite, who don’t we. How do you narrow it down, who do you listen to, what if we offend people?

This week I’m keeping it short and sweet. A big top tip. 

This is Your Wedding YOU invite who you want there. 

It’s such a special day you need all those people who are closest to you and mean the most. Some venues have number restrictions on the day event. So your guests or evening guests will feel honoured to be part of such a special day no matter! (I know I do when I get invited to weddings) If they don’t, then there’s not a lot you can do. You will also have budget to deal with which is another big decider. You can go on Pinterest and find so many flowcharts for who to and who to not invite but ultimately, make sure it feels right to you! 

Hope this helps you… and gives you some confidence to go for it!

Ps today is my last birthday as a MISS 😝

#weddingwednesday 1

So… you’ve just got engaged! You’ve let everyone know! The next question they ask is so when do you think you’ll have the big day! 

Being in the UK we knew there’s no guarantee sunshine, and we really don’t feel the weather is going to effect our wedding, we’ve been to so many great weddings in October, a great month with beautiful autumnal leaves! (Also October falls out of wedding season *WIN for costs*)

We spent a long time thinking about places we could get married places we’ve been and loved, places near my parents (traditional) and his. We personally loved the idea of choosing somewhere that meant something to both of us, Brockenhurst Hampshire, where we first met at college! Once we had a rough idea of the location, out came the spreadsheets!

Google sheets has literally been my wedding planning best friend! I initially started looking at locations in the area that put on weddings- all put into a list with links so that me and josh could sit down one evening and think about what suited us and what type of wedding we wanted! It was also a great way to see costs and grasp some idea of a budget (I had no idea where to start with that) and how many people they could cater for. Once we narrowed down our options we contacted the relevant wedding venues to ask to view them. 

Something we really hadn’t thought about was guest list and how many guests we could/wanted to invite and keep the cost at a reasonable amount. And that was the first question we had back from the venues. “What’s you approx number of guests”. At the the time I chucked a ball park figure out there. Don’t do this. Spend some time on the guest list, make sure your happy with it! We underestimated how many people we we would invite and therefore lost negotiating deals!

Don’t forget most of all to enjoy it – I can tell you now this this was the funnest spreadsheet I’ve ever done!

Photo taken in the middle of our viewings

Hello again

So it’s been a super long time like 10months?

not going to lie this year has been a tough one in our house but as they say time is a healer.

So to stop annoying Josh, family members, friends and of course bridesmaids, with my incessant ramblings about the wedding I’ve decided to start writing a series of blog posts all specifically Wedding based! The posts are going to be about suppliers, thoughts, things to think about, things to not think about and mistakes I’ve made in the “wedmin process”

This is the first post of. #weddingwednesday by me!

I hope you enjoy and can find this series useful. If you’re on your journey or Your just starting your journey!