DIY Advent

Happy Advent! This is by far my favourite time of the year. Time to officially get festive and enjoy the season of giving. This year, with the help of KhrissieLoves I have made some really cute advent calendars, which allow you to customise the daily treats. This is really simple yet really cute and easy way to be able to have a bespoke calender.So for starts you will need;
1. Cork Board
2. Drawing board Pins
3. Ribbon
4. Pegs
5. Parcel Tags (optional)

To start, take the ribbon and cut 5 pieces to the width of the cork board. Then spread these evenly down the board, Using the drawing pins, pin the ribbon on the positions you’re happy with. The next thing to do is position your pegs, I opted for some advent calender specific ones, but you could DIY the pegs too! Then of course the filling, this could be anything from things that make you smile to a daily treat, the great thing is you get to choose!

Have fun making…


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