Long time..no speak

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post, these past few weeks, months even, have been jam packed with activities.

Here are some of the things I have been upto and exploring and things I really recommend to add to that bucket list;


me at glastonbury


This contemporary arts festival is one of a kind and is really out of this world, this is my second glastonbury and I can’t recommend enough everyone trying to get tickets (I know it’s hard). There is always something to see or do, no matter what time of night or day…

Here’s a cheeky snap of me in fancy dress one night with some of the glastonbury lights behind me 

cocktails bournemouth

piña colada Bournemouth


With such beautiful English weather, I took the opportunity to head down to Bournemouth to see my family and enjoy a beautiful day on the beach, starting off with some piña coladas with my mum on the pier and ending up in the sea with my little brother the day could not have been any more perfect! If you get the chance to enjoy some of the gorgeous weather down there and love a cocktail, definitely head to Aruba for stunning views and delicious cocktails

southern soldiers


This is something I have done this weekend, so much fun and a must if you get the opportunity. Khrissie, our ‘Sergeant’ for the day was invited to take part in a scavenger hunt organised by Contiki holidays. Khrissie then recruited myself and 5 others to be part of ‘The Southern Soldiers’ . Being given clues to places around London we set off to get our photos taken with as many of these clues as possible. It was a great laugh and we got to discover so much that we would have never known about had we not done the hunt! Unfortunately we didn’t win but we had so much fun in the process the winning for me was the taking part.

And last but not least…

london bridge

snapped whilist running over london bridge


With the tube strikes last week, it was time to get my running trainers on again after a busy few weeks. Out came the trainers as I took to the streets of London on foot to beat the traffic. It’s a great way to see London, travel around London and enjoy the sunshine.

While the weathers still nice, get out there and explore, the world is your oyster!

Yoga bunnies

Myself and my great friend, Khrissie have recently taken up hot yoga. As part of our training. I have got to say it’s great in many ways, relaxation and flexibility for me so far anyway. A tip that has definitely  helped me is making sure I am drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Without this I know I would have suffered. I am completely new to yoga and I am only going once a week at the moment but it is making a difference to my running training as well and helping me to increase my stride and run faster.  Most hot yoga companies run an induction programme so all I can say is go and try it out and let me know what you think.

yogabunnypost(just practicing some of the basics)


It’s been a while since I last blogged anything I’ve had lots on but I am back. I have also signed myself up for the Bournemouth Marathon in October so running is about to start taking over my life and I will be sharing my journey with you all as I have also entered for the ballot in London 2016 **fingers and toes crossed I get to run that too**

I know what you’re thinking yes I must be crazy, but with time on my hands, I am starting my training early and building into my 16week marathon training plan. I plan to blog the highs lows, products and other activities I am testing on my journey so that hopefully this might be able to help you if you sign up.

(Photo taken by basil check out some of his other stuff here at facebook.com/basil.Thornton )

So this is me around 3weeks ago running my first proper 10k in 2 years and with increased amount of training and now joined to a running club in those 2 years I have shaved 10mins off my time.. And for me that was a big achievement as really a beginner runner. The key thing I want to do is enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my posts and journey and any recommendations you have will be appreciated! But for now I’m doing up my laces ready to get out running again