It’s been a while since I last blogged anything I’ve had lots on but I am back. I have also signed myself up for the Bournemouth Marathon in October so running is about to start taking over my life and I will be sharing my journey with you all as I have also entered for the ballot in London 2016 **fingers and toes crossed I get to run that too**

I know what you’re thinking yes I must be crazy, but with time on my hands, I am starting my training early and building into my 16week marathon training plan. I plan to blog the highs lows, products and other activities I am testing on my journey so that hopefully this might be able to help you if you sign up.

(Photo taken by basil check out some of his other stuff here at )

So this is me around 3weeks ago running my first proper 10k in 2 years and with increased amount of training and now joined to a running club in those 2 years I have shaved 10mins off my time.. And for me that was a big achievement as really a beginner runner. The key thing I want to do is enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my posts and journey and any recommendations you have will be appreciated! But for now I’m doing up my laces ready to get out running again

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