Running Bug – the training

So this is my first proper week of training for the Bournemouth Marathon, that’s taking place in October ( yes this does seem a long time away but it really isn’t when I’ve got to get through 26.2 miles) 

This week I have found the most difficult of all running as I now know I have to run. So the week started terribly! Monday and Tuesday I was a complete lazy bones and didn’t once put my trainers on. Wednesday I managed to drag myself to yoga and Thursday I got the trainers on and got out there and started, I must say once I was running those hills it all got a lot easier! Today I managed 5 miles and tomorrow I am hoping to tackle a park run with KhrissieLoves… *fingers crossed*

I have tried out some new recipes this week also so watch out over the weekend for these yummy delights and more!

All you runners out there keep going!

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