Birthday Surprise

IMG_2847 copyThis year for my Birthday I was in for a lovely thoughtful surprise from Josh. All I knew was that the Tuesday before my Birthday I was to have nothing planned after work that evening and that he would meet me at work. That Tuesday came, we walked through Hyde Park and I still had no idea what we were doing or where we were going I was looking at everything and suggesting that it might be it…

However we then showed up outside Claridges, I was so excited to be so lucky to be dining in such an amazing place (whilst feeling slightly under dressed). We walked into such a Grand Entrance that just sparkled. We were shown to the restaurant where we left our coats and bags in a cloak room and made our way into Fera a 1 Michelin star restaurant (ahhhh I was so amazed happy and excited and this point). We were treated so well with a glass of Champagne waiting for us. We were having a set menu which came with a nicer price tag and a great variety of foods.

The Service was out of this world, we had some delicious taste warmers followed by a tasty 3 course meal! I was in a foodies heaven.


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