Exercising for free

With the amazing weather we are having in England at the moment it has become so easy to pop a pause on that gym membership and get outdoors to make the most of our weather and work out whilst saving a few bob. Here I wanted to give a few great ideas to help you feel inspired to get out and enjoy it.

1. Saturday morning Park run – this is a great run for all abilities, they are all over the country and is run by volunteers, it’s a great way to meet people who run around the same pace as you and also to enjoy some of the glorious sunshine we have been having! Find your nearest park run here.

2. Circuits at the park – gather your friends or go alone, get a few exercise movements together – squats, burpies, climbers, Emily Skye has some great ideas here. Get a pumping playlist and either in your headphones (if alone) or through your speaker (if with others) and create your own workout. Try to make sure your workout uses a variety of muscle groups and pushes you.

3. Get on your bike – a brilliant way to get fit while commuting, using your exercise as your journey this can help you save time too. Simple as that and effective to!

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