Le weekend a Paris

I was super lucky last week to be able to get away to Paris on a long girls weekend away! We had so much fun exploring the beautiful city and the excitement of Disney! 

Here are a few highlights from the trip!

We managed to get round a whole lot of Paris in the short amount of time we were in the city! We took a bus tour which was great to hop on and off to be able to see all the sights! I can highly recommend this if you don’t have much time! 

Whilst we were in Paris we also got to taste some of the most amazing food, and we both felt that the food was pretty reasonable. We started the trip with mussels, followed by creme brûlée. We also got to have a delicious fondue and on our last day crepes! Savoury and sweet of course! Oh wait I can’t forget the deliciousness of the Parisian macaroon, boy they were delicious!

Of course how can I miss the wonderful world of Disney! I must be the biggest kid around, I had so much fun running around, meeting characters and pretending that I  was 10 again! 

… I hope you get to experience the wonderful world of Paris! I am for sure going back.

R x

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