#weddingwednesday 2

So this week it’s all about choosing the photographer that’s going to capture your day, and give you those lasting memories!

For us the photographer has to be a really important part of the day, you’re spending so much money on the day itself having no decent images to document that day and remember it by is such a shame.

My first step for choosing the photographer returned me back to google sheets and looking at local photographers in the area. I then went through the list and narrowed down the portfolios to ones that sat right with us. We met with 2 photographers one in person and one over Skype. We already had in mind the style of images we wanted, natural unposed and emotive. The one we met in person had beautiful images and was very relaxed understanding it was our day etc. The second photographer is who we met with on skype Nick Rutter. This man has so much passion and so many beautiful emotive images we came away from the conversation feeling so excited! It just clicked! Check out Nicks work by clicking here get him on your list of photographers to talk to!

The take home for me when booking the photographer is to meet all the photographers that you feel that has a portfolio you like and wait until you get that feeling of ease from them that you need. 

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