Neals Yard – Shop Local!

I have been a Neals Yard rep for just over a year now, I never signed up to “sell it” as we use the products in the centre and at home. The products smell gorgeous and have limited chemicals in which is great as it allows our nervous systems to have less chemical stressors put onto and around us from our environment. I just wanted to share my top 3 products I can no longer live without. If you do want to buy anything you can access my Neals Yard shop here or in shop in the menu bar 🙂 Also some great gifting ideas to support small and local businesses!

The Balancing Room Spray has got to be my number 1 go to for the home, we use it in the centre too!

This spray is what to use instead of the standard aerosol sprays that are full of chemical toxins that can have nasty side effects.

This lovely organic spray smells lovely and is a perfect relaxing aroma for at home

This long lasting oily cream if you can call it cream is great for dry skin, also using the provided muslin cloth it easily removes your make up. 100% a product to wear to bed rather than a day product as it can make you look a bit greasy. I like wearing it under a matt powder.

This face mask is so lovely and gentle on the skin, before trying this one out I did try some other brands and with sensitive skin I found that I had a completely red skin after using them. This one I feel like I glow after! It’s soft and great on the sensitive skin.

So those are my 3 faves that I found over lockdown and using more local companies…

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