New Year Reflections 2020-2021

Well what a year it has been. Who’d have thought this time last year we would have known what was facing us. A Global pandemic, a world shut down and brexit!

Although for most there have been low moments New Years Eve is all about reflecting on the good and bad times the year has bought to us. Here’s my year in review…

I’ve got to say we couldn’t have started this year in any better way than on the ski slopes at La Folie Douche Partying it up in the sunshine and snow with great friends.

We came back ready to brace ourselves for 2020 with our personal and business goals and action plans in place.

Come February Josh treated me to a luxurious nights stay at the Chewton Glenn with our own hot tub! What an anniversary treat. Who’d have known 4 weeks later the CVD19 would send the whole country into mass panic!

I also went upto London for the day with Lb to see Khrissie. We had a lovely day catching up and eating ice cream the size of our heads and with candyfloss! – what more could you want in February?

By the time March hit we were pretty naive to what was going on in the news and felt the pressure to shut the doors to Life Balance for the initial 1 month lockdown. It was such a difficult decision to make but with so much uncertainty in the world we did what we felt was right. We were so grateful that as healthcare providers we could actually re-open. We were so happy to start seeing clients again!

As this was all happening it was time to celebrate Joshs Big 30. Celebrated slightly differently with videos from friends and a beach bbq it sure was a 30th to remember!

As soon as the gates opened we got away and booked up a few great British mini breaks which were much needed at this point!

Somewhere along the way, we also got pregnant and are now looking forward to welcoming a new smithy boy to the family in 2021!

I celebrated my 30th – even stranger as we entered another lockdown just a week before and the plans Josh had made were scrapped. He pulled it out the bag and we had a delightful weekend eating cake and I had my first glass of champagne for months!

As December crept up on us we had lots of fun decorating Life Balance with the team, and planning our christmas party! Always perks to having a small team…

At home we bought lots of presents got christmassy and we had our 20week scan finding out we were having a baby boy and having a christmas gender reveal for the family.

In review 2020 has been one hell of a whirl wind year. I am so grateful to my amazing husband, family and all my wonderful friends who have really been there this year. Can’t thank you all enough!

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