The end of the second trimester

For me the second trimester has been a dream. The first was tough, keeping secrets lack of energy and that constant feeling of nausea. On top of that to be in a lockdown it made me feel a little bit lonesome!

During the last 2 months I have been feeling more me again, energy is good. Not feeling that sick feeling in the back of my throat and I keep getting told pregnancy suits me, and that I’m glowing! Inside I’m thinking if only they’d seen me in the first 3 months.

The second trimester has allowed my hormones to level out – which I know my husband is super happy with! We were also lucky enough to escape to some sunshine over Christmas, where all of a sudden the little one really did start popping out! Knowing now we are having a little boy has made me start to want to nest with Pinterest boards saves on Instagram and Etsy boards it’s hard not to spend money! We’ve signed upto a local hypnobirthing course which starts next weekend and I am super excited to get going into these last 3 and however long or little months left!

Chasing the sunshine at Christmas

Next week I am going to talk about our nursery and the theme we have chosen as well as what I have already started to collect!

Are you currently pregnant how are you finding the second trimester? How’s your bump doing?

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