Sebastian has now hit the 8month mark and we are busy trying to keep him happy and comfortable while those teeth start breaking through! There are so many recommendations and seriously we are trying it all!

First up we are trying Amber beads! From https://www.loveamberx.co.uk we have gone for the bracelet rather than a necklace just in case! We actually have gone for 2 and it does seem after a couple of days to have settled him down! They also look super cute! You can get a bracelet, necklace or anklet!

Next up we are trying the bickiepegs! Recommended by lots of people to help the teeth cut through these are also great for him to chew on! A biscuit type stick that you attach string to and then you can pop on their wrist! – Great to stop it dropping on the floor! Although it’s not helping with pain relief it does seem to help him have something to chew down on to!

Excuse the chocolates mess!

We have also used frozen fruit in a stringy bag and cold teething toys as well as Sophie the Giraffe! What are your teething tips?

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