Every time

Every time I come on here to write I feel like I’m writing an apology or saying it’s been a while… it really has.

Since moving back to Bournemouth in 2018 setting up Life Balance Chiropractic Centre with my now husband Josh, moving house and having a baby it truely has been a whirlwind of a few years. Every year I say I’m going to go back blogging and every time I go to start I say oh I’ll start tomorrow and I don’t give myself the time to do it. Funny thing is although I’ve never been amazing at English academically, I love writing what comes to my head!

I want to introduce you to our latest Smith edition Sebastian! Sebastian was born at home back in May. Our beautiful boy has definitely changed our lives for the best… although I’m not sure our sleep would always agree

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share a few things of our journey with Sebastian, his birth, breastfeeding and now the start of our weaning journey! I am hoping I can empower any mums and mums to be with my journey! – yes I’ve done all of this and went back into working when Sebastian was only 12 weeks old – yes even I think I’m crazy 😜

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