Hello again

So it’s been a super long time like 10months?

not going to lie this year has been a tough one in our house but as they say time is a healer.

So to stop annoying Josh, family members, friends and of course bridesmaids, with my incessant ramblings about the wedding I’ve decided to start writing a series of blog posts all specifically Wedding based! The posts are going to be about suppliers, thoughts, things to think about, things to not think about and mistakes I’ve made in the “wedmin process”

This is the first post of. #weddingwednesday by me!

I hope you enjoy and can find this series useful. If you’re on your journey or Your just starting your journey!

Wedding Fair

So having got engaged between Christmas and New year I saw this as a perfect opportunity to have a girls day out with my mum! She came up to London and we went to the Wedding Fair in the Excel!

It was interesting to say the least, we went along on the Saturday, hoping to have our minds filled with inspiration and new ideas. The morning was so busy we found the show very un inspiring and chaotic, not what we expected at all. Slightly disappointed, we decided to grab some lunch, and then go back into the show with fresh eyes and head to the catwalk. The afternoon was so much more interesting mainly, because the show itself had quietened down and we were able to walk around the show properly. The catwalk was great fun and we got some good Wedding Dress inspiration.



A few things I am going to look into next time is, what stall holders will be at the exhibition ( the wedding fair seemed to have lots of teeth whitening, facial products and skin care), and what do I need to get out of going to the Exhibition. All in all we had a good day out, but think we will re-think what wedding fairs we go to before heading to one again.

So my top tip is: Do your research!

Hello January

Well Christmas and New year Flew by didn’t it just? As most of you probably know from my Social Media Sites I was lucky enough to have got engaged! So January for me so far has been pedal to the metal organising and planning, who knew you had to book a venue and service like 2 years in advance? Crazy! but so Exciting
So much for my quiet January this year…

So as you do in January January, I have set myself a few blogging goals this year, which I wanted to share with you all to get me started!

Goal 1: Blog fortnightly! – no more hit and miss blog posts once every 2 Months! I am aiming for consistency.. (lets face it I am going to need a break from all this planning)

Goal 2: Be more socially active. This means “hello…I’ll be popping up in blogger chats on twitter”

Goal 3: Grow my online following by 10% – I’m hoping this will come from more consistent blog posts and increasing my engagement going to blogger chats. (fingers crossed)

So that’s me! What are your goals this year?

From the Provence with love

This weeks post is being written whilist I sit here sipping on an ice cold G&T and the pool at my feet! Yes I am super lucky enough to be writing to you from the south of France. I wanted to let you know about an amazing village we found today called ‘Saint Paul De Vence’ wow this place is so beautiful and full of amazing art, sculptures and the a view to remember. Having been to this region for so many years not going here in one of my early visits feels like I’ve missed out! So I wanted to shar this beautiful French village with you all!

One to add to the list of places to visit! 

Time to reflect…

I have had a bit of time lately to reflect on my first year of blogging, this has been on and off with my blogging but an amazing year it had been! 

Recently I’ve realised what I originally set out to blog about is harder than I originally thought, and actually blogging about what I’ve been getting upto is so much more fun, adventures food and interesting things I generally just want to share with you all. It also gives me the chance to reflect on what I’ve been getting upto! 

So in that light I have changed my blog look, I hope you like it, making it more fresh modern and fun! Here is a really nice quote that I feel summarises why I have changed it up!

Le weekend a Paris

I was super lucky last week to be able to get away to Paris on a long girls weekend away! We had so much fun exploring the beautiful city and the excitement of Disney! 

Here are a few highlights from the trip!

We managed to get round a whole lot of Paris in the short amount of time we were in the city! We took a bus tour which was great to hop on and off to be able to see all the sights! I can highly recommend this if you don’t have much time! 

Whilst we were in Paris we also got to taste some of the most amazing food, and we both felt that the food was pretty reasonable. We started the trip with mussels, followed by creme brûlée. We also got to have a delicious fondue and on our last day crepes! Savoury and sweet of course! Oh wait I can’t forget the deliciousness of the Parisian macaroon, boy they were delicious!

Of course how can I miss the wonderful world of Disney! I must be the biggest kid around, I had so much fun running around, meeting characters and pretending that I  was 10 again! 

… I hope you get to experience the wonderful world of Paris! I am for sure going back.

R x

Exercising for free

With the amazing weather we are having in England at the moment it has become so easy to pop a pause on that gym membership and get outdoors to make the most of our weather and work out whilst saving a few bob. Here I wanted to give a few great ideas to help you feel inspired to get out and enjoy it.

1. Saturday morning Park run – this is a great run for all abilities, they are all over the country and is run by volunteers, it’s a great way to meet people who run around the same pace as you and also to enjoy some of the glorious sunshine we have been having! Find your nearest park run here.

2. Circuits at the park – gather your friends or go alone, get a few exercise movements together – squats, burpies, climbers, Emily Skye has some great ideas here. Get a pumping playlist and either in your headphones (if alone) or through your speaker (if with others) and create your own workout. Try to make sure your workout uses a variety of muscle groups and pushes you.

3. Get on your bike – a brilliant way to get fit while commuting, using your exercise as your journey this can help you save time too. Simple as that and effective to!

One for the bucket list 

So last week I was lucky enough to get tickets for myself, Josh, Khrissie (over at khrissieloves.com) and Nick to got to a silent disco, not just any silent disco, this one wasn’t the natural history museum and what an epic time we had. Rocking around the big dinosaur to all sorts of music. It was so much fun and well worth a boogie! It’s a great chance to release! All I can say guys is add this one to your bucket list!

Almond Milk

Are you an Almond milk drinker? – like it in your coffee? Porridge?

Well this recipe for Almond milk will get you wondering why haven’t you been making your own before it sure has me! It’s so easy and it means you know exactly what you’re putting in your body!

So you will need an Almonds, almond milk bag, you can buy this here. You will also need a sealable container/jug you can store it, a blender, a large bowl

So here we go… take 1 cup of almonds and soak these over night in water.
The next morning, rinse the almonds and pop in a blender, this doesn’t need to be a super powerful one. Add 3 cups of water and blend until smooth.

Next take your nut bag and a mixing bowl and strain the almond milk through the nut bag, squeezing to ensure you get all the juice out.

Transfer the mixture to your sealable jug and voila! Delicious Almond milk that will last up to 4 days in a sealed container in the fridge! Enjoy.




My kind of town Chicago is…

So recently I’ve been super lucky enough to visit the Windy City across the pond (Chicago).

Wow what a trip, being my first time in America and getting to visit such a friendly American city! I literally felt like I was on an American movie. So I am going to list my top 5 things to do in Chicago;

1. Anish Kapoor Cloud gate –  in millennium park.

this is/must be one of the most famous reasons to visit Chicago, this amazing sculpture of the Bean is incredible (and great for a cheeky selfie) you’re able to see the city’s skyline in its reflection. The sculpture is huge and very impressive

2. Architecture boat tour – sunny days are best for this.

Hop on a bus to find out all the information about the history and architecture of the city! It’s super fascinating and gives you a great angle to look at all the buildings and find out how and when they were built!

3. Navy pier – this was a beautiful pier and is home to the worlds first (at the time) Big Wheel, unfortunately it has been replaced by a shiny new one (pictured below). Keep an eye out as there are fireworks throughout the summer and the Pier is a great place to view them from.

4. Baseball – Chicago is home to 2 Major league baseball teams, the Cubs and the White Sox. We were lucky enough to get to watch the Sox in a Match against Washington Nationals. This was a brilliant American experience, I also learnt a thing or two about Baseball which was great fun!

5. Sky deck – A room with an amazing view! This took our trip to the City to a new level. It was a great experience being able to view the whole city from such a height. If like me you feel a bit daring you can take a step out onto the 360 glass rooms and get the complete Sky Deck experience! (see below image)


I hope you get to check some of these fun (touristy yes I know) things out and enjoy Chicago as much as I did!