It’s been a while, I have been busy setting up Life Balance Chiropractic in Poole, but since the lockdown, we have been doing and taking a lot of our work online.
I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to get back into my blog. And talk about what I really am passionate and enjoy doing. I love finding alternatives in life that are healthier, and have fewer if no chemicals.

It’s something I’ve learnt a lot about since starting Life Balance. What a big impact these chemical stressors can have on our nervous system. How they can affect how our nervous system is functioning and how they can inhibit our bodies ability to self regulate and cause interferences. I have seen these stressors really affect clients progress and life and I want to share what we do in our house to help keep those chemical inhibitors to a minimum!

We will be exploring each week I am going to dive into cleaning products, creams and body products, foods and even water. What to look out for.

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