Wedding Wednesday

So after the journey of the last 2-3weeks you should now have, venue, photographer and videographer. Depending on the time you have between when you get engaged and when you get married, it’s good to take sometime enjoying being engaged. We found that the venue, photographer and videographer were the things that got booked up quickly. So for a month at least we’ve taken a side step from the wedding and enjoyed being engaged! My Facebook feed is covered in so many “last Christmas as a Miss” items, it gets me all excited so here are my top 5 last Christmas as a miss items I’ve come across!

1. Baubles- to put you straight in the festive spirit! Baubles

2. Shout it loud and proud with this beaut jumper Here

3. For those cosey nights in this is required – Onesie

4. Or send your loved one a last Christmas as a miss card Here

5. Or why not add to your charms with this cute way to remember your last Christmas as a miss Here

And this weeks top tip:

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