It’s been a couple of weeks…

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted on here, mainly because I have been super busy with work. However we have also been ensuring we take the time to get prepared for the little one coming into the world by starting a Hypnobirthing course with Josh.

So far we have had 2/3 sessions and I have already learn’t so much. From breathing and relaxation techniques to knowing more about all the different things that can happen during birth, from intervention, homebirthing and so much more. I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough for first time mums and partners. It’s a great way to get your partner involved in the birth.

Check out and the wonderful Dulcie who has a wealth of knowledge and is able to help you on your pregnancy journey! From yoga, hypnobirthing and much much more Dulcie has all the contacts and help you could need. Creating an amazing community of women in a whatsapp group and with the online yoga classes its amazing to hear the births and talk with other women who are also pregnant through the pandemic!

I am also growing by the daily. I honestly look down and keep thinking to myself how can that belly get any bigger but each day it does! Slowly but surely we have been gathering items together for the baby! Once we have the nursery in place I can’t wait to show you!

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