What a Few Months

It feels like a lifetime since I last posted and so much has happened. One big one is what everyone is talking about the Big ‘C’. With most of spending a good 6-8 weeks at home. Some of us still fortunate enough to work, others sadly being made redundant. I feel the true effects of a worldwide shut down are only now starting to be seen. Many businesses still unable to open or be back trading as they were before it’s important we support our small and local companies as much as possible. Here are a list of some of my favourites in the Poole and Bournemouth Area. – These are mainly food based companies as if you know me you’ll know eating is a favourite past time of mine.

1. Miko Lounge – This is a fab little cafe just a short walk from Ashley Cross. It has deliciously healthy smoothies, juices, hot drinks and food. You really can’t go wrong with this vegan gem.

2. Pizza with Love – Normally at weddings and corporate events the Pizza with love Van has been popping up at the Langside school and serving delicious freshly made pizzas. Catering for all dietary requirements, it really reminded me of being in the South of France and picking a pizza up from a local pizza van! Drop them a message and book your Friday night pizza

3. Sandbanks SUP – This year for Josh’s 30th as it was during Lockdown I bought him a Sandbanks SUP. Using a local company to help out the smaller local businesses, this SUP was ace and even with a few hiccups the team well and truly looked after us.

4. Pattycakes You have honestly never tried a cake like it. For Josh’s 30th again we got a delicious cake by Pattycakes (secretly I’ve always wanted one) Working with Alaina I choose the flavours and we worked out a design. It was the easiest it’s ever been choosing a cake and the most delicious. Drop a message on Instagram for your cake needs – all dietary requirements too

If you’re local or in the area, I highly recommend visiting or trying these things out! Help a smaller company out and let’s all work together.

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